Live Sushi offers a complete menu of all types of sushi rolls, nigiri sushi, hand rolls, sashimi and more. Below is our general pricing and menu offerings




Platter #1

Serves 6-8 people

3 Spicy Tuna Roll
3 California Roll
2 Caterpillar Roll
2 Tekka Roll
2 Swamp Roll



Platter #2

Serves 8-10 people

3 Spicy Tuna Roll
2 California Roll
2 Tekka Roll
4pcs Maguro Nigiri
4pcs Albacore Nigiri
4pcs Sake Nigiri
4pcs Unagi Nigiri
4pcs Walu Nigiri
4pcs Ebi

Platter #3

Serves 8-10 people

2 Caterpillar Roll
2 Spicy Tuna Roll
2 Dragon Roll
2 Rainbow Roll
2 California Roll
2 Tekka Roll
2 Bergschneider Roll
1 Veggie Tempura Roll
1 Swamp Roll

Platter #4

Serves 10-12 people

2 Dragon Roll
2 Rainbow Roll
2 California Roll
2 Caterpillar Roll
1 49er Roll
5pcs Unagi Nigiri
5pcs Sake Nigiri
5pcs Maguro Nigiri
5pcs Albacore Nigiri
5cs Ebi Nigiri
5pcs Walu Nigiri

Veggie Platter

Serves 4-6 people

2 Veggie Caterpillar Roll
2 Veggie California Roll
1 Veggie Swamp Roll
1 Sweet Potato
1 Veggie Tempura Roll


For more sushi and sashimi options, click here.


Salad Trays


House Salad Tray

Serves 5-7 people

Wakame Salad

Serves 10-12 people


Serves 10-12 people


Feeling hot? Order one of our HOT TRAYS!


Chicken Teriyaki Tray

Serves 5-7 people

Beef Teriyaki Tray

Serves 5-7 people

Short Rib Teriyaki Tray

Serves 5-7 people


Salmon Teriyaki Tray

Serves 5-7 people

Gyoza Tray

Serves 5-7 people

Chicken Kaarage Tray

Serves 5-7 people

Rice Tray

Serves 5-7 people



For the ultimate sushi experience, we can set up a sushi bar at your location with your own master sushi chef! One or more of our chefs will prepare delicious sushi at your event and serve your guests.

This setup includes the sushi bar, sushi display case, various toppings and sauce and all other related necessities.

Onsite sushi chef does not include food costs.

Master Sushi Chef: $150-$250 per hour
Sushi Display Case: $250



Sashimi$2-$3 per piece
Premium Sashimi$3-$6 per piece
Nigiri$2-$4 per piece
Premium Nigiri$5-$8 per piece
Sushi Rolls (one type of fish)$1-$3 per piece
Specialty Rolls (two types of fish)$2-$4 per piece
TaxCurrently 8.5%
Service Charge15%-20%, depending on location



Poke Bar

$15 per person

Includes sushi rice, mixed greens, nori, cucumber, green onion, avocado, seaweed salad, fish roe and various sauces

Choose protein: salmon, ahi tuna or hamachi

Hot or Cold
Noodle Station

$10 per person

Includes green onion, crispy scallions, egg, cucumber, nori, sesame seeds

Choose base: hot broth or chilled sauce dressing

Choose noodle: ramen, udon or soba


Hand Roll Station

$7 per person

Includes sushi rice, nori, cucumber, daikon and greens

Choose protein: spicy tuna, salmon, hamachi

To add crispy salmon skin or ikura, add $2 per person


We select only the freshest ingredients from local vendors and Japan’s known, Tsukiji Market -  all subject to availability.

We can customize all menus to work within budget needs. 
Please request a menu for specific pricing.